General Manager - Gregory French, PE
Assistant General Manager/Director - Finance & Administration - William Hafdahl
Director - Human Resources/Safety - Nancee Strgar
Supervisor - Customer Relations - Mary Johnson
Supervisor - Accounting - Cassandra Belak
Environmental/Safety Coordinator - Jeff Minter

electrical distribution system

Director - Electric Distribution - Aaron Asleson
Director - Steam, Water & Gas - Aaron Asleson
Director - Power Plant/Operations - Charlie Paradis
Director - Power Plant/Maintenance - Noah Hines

The electrical distribution system serves in excess of 5,800 residential and commercial accounts and consists of a combination of 2400 Volt and 13.8 KV distribution systems.  The Department operates a 30-Megawatt Co-generation power plant and also has a 20-Megawatt interconnect with Minnesota Power.

Statistical Data

Primary Voltage: 2.4KV and 13.8KV
Generation Capacity:  30 Megawatts
Minnesota Power Interconnect:  20 Megawatts
Peak Demand: 22 Megawatts
Average Demand: 19 Megawatts

Co-generation Power Plant

The Power Plant has four operating boilers, including a new natural gas boiler, which was commissioned in 1993.  Two steam turbines generate power and provide exhaust and extraction steam to the distribution system.  Electricity is generated as required to match the steam heating load.

Statistical Data

Boiler Production Capacity Fuel
#7 85,000 lbs./hr. Coal
#9 176,000 lbs./hr. Coal
#10 200,000 lbs./hr. Gas
#11 135,000 lbs./hr. Wood
Electric Generator Capacity Steam Output
#5 7.5 Megawatts 50 PSI Extrac.
#6 18 Megawatts 50 PSI Extrac.


natural gas distribution system 

Director - Steam, Water & Gas Distribution - Aaron Asleson

The gas distribution system serves approximately 1800 residential and commercial accounts.  Because the power plant has the capability to utilize natural gas, coal and/or wood, the Department can use this flexibility to obtain economical gas rates both for the power plant and our residential and commercial customers.  The gas is delivered from Northern Natural Gas pipeline at a single Border Station.  This Border Station was upgraded in 1993 increasing the peak day capacity of the station to over 10,000 Million Cubic Feet (MCF)/day.  Click Here for the Natural Gas Distribution System Map

Statistical Data

Border Station Capacity:  10,000 MCF/day
Normal Peak Day:  4,000 MCF/day
Historical Peak Day: 5,500 MCF/day
Station Delivery Pressure:   50 Pounds per Square Inch (PSI)

steam distribution system

Director - Steam, Water & Gas Distribution - Aaron Asleson

The steam district heating system presently serves approximately 2,500 accounts including the downtown business area, city public buildings, and south side and north side residential and commercial areas.  Steam is distributed at 50 psig (pounds per square inch gauge pressure), 20 psig and 10 psig with pressure reducing stations utilized on the 50 psig system to provide 10 psig delivered pressure at various locations.  Higher delivery pressures may be available if necessary to accommodate large loads or process requirements.

Statistical Data 

Steam Distribution Capacity:   450,000 lbs./hr.
Peak Demand:  300,000 lbs./hr.

Average Summer Load:

(April - September)

110,000 lbs./hr.

Average Winter Load: 

(October - March)

250,000 lbs./hr

water distribution system

Director - Steam, Water & Gas Distribution - Aaron Asleson

The water distribution system serves approximately 4,200 accounts in the City of Virginia.  The water source is an abandoned mine pit with an ample supply of high quality water.  The current raw water pumping facility was built in 1990 and houses two 2,000 gallons per minute (gpm) submersible pumps.  Conventional water treatment facility assures compliance with all U.S. EPA and Minnesota Department of Health requirements for potable water.

Statistical Data

Storage Capacity:  4,500,000 gallons
Pumping Capacity: 5,000,000 gallons per day
Average Demand:   2,100,000 gallons per day
Peak Demand: 3,100,000 gallons per day
Tap water hardness: 240 parts per million


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