Environmental Stewardship

The Virginia Public Utilities recognizes the impact our operations can have on the environment, so we are committed to its protection and improvement.  We have changed our processes and the way we operate.  The following is what we have been able to accomplish over the past five years:

Reduced energy and water consumption:

  • Combustion of coal – 66%
  • Water use in the plant – 77%

Reduction in Green House Gas and other air emissions:

  • GHG – 56%
  • CO – 72%
  • CO2 – 68%
  • Mercury – 97%
  • NOx – 69%
  • SO2 – 74%

Hazardous waste output has decreased 65%.

Over 9,000 tons of wood ash waste was diverted from the land fill to fields to be used as a liming agent to increase crop production for local farmers.

We are in the process of installing two smaller natural gas boilers which will allow us to operate in an even more environmentally friendly way as the Utility moves forward into the future.