Local Energy Assistance Providers

Arrowhead Economic Opportunity Agency
702 3rd Avenue S
Virginia, MN  55792
(Fuel Assistance & assistance under other programs)

St. Louis County Social Services
307 1st Street S
Virginia, MN  55792

Salvation Army
507 12th Avenue W
Virginia, MN  55792
HeatShare – Who Benefits & How to Give 


Customer Notice – Fuel Assistance Information

If you receive Fuel Assistance, there are some things you need to keep in mind when receiving your utility bill each month from the Virginia Public Utility:

  1. Fuel Assistance can ONLY be used to pay heat and/or a portion of your electric bills.
  2. Fuel Assistance does not pay for water, sewer, garbage, taxes, notice, or penalty charges.
  3. You are responsible for paying ALL charges on your utility bill by the due date each month that are not covered by Fuel Assistance

Fuel Assistance comes to the Virginia Public Utility in monthly payments.  You are notified of this when you are awarded Fuel Assistance.  If the Fuel Assistance payment received at VPU does not cover your heat and/or electric bills in full you are responsible for paying the remainder by the due date on your monthly bill

Remember your Fuel Assistance may reach us by a date other that the date you show on your award letter from the Fuel Assistance Program.  To avoid late penalties be sure to verify when your Fuel Assistance payment has been received at our office.

If you can’t pay your bills in full each month, talk to someone in the Utility office.

You can be disconnected during the Cold Weather Season (October 1 through April 30 of the year) even if you receive Fuel Assistance. You can set up Payment Arrangements to pay along with any Fuel Assistance you receive. It is your responsibility to contact the Virginia Utility to set up Payment Arrangements.

If you have any questions please call Mary at 748-2113.