Customer Policies

Customer Service Policies

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How to Obtain Service

Stop by our office (618 2nd Street South) Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. and ask for Customer Service and complete an Application for Service Application For Utility Service.  If you are a renter, a deposit (see Customer Policies Section for more information on Deposits) will be required or a signed guarantee by the property owner.

We will need to know the address of the location you are moving into, as well as the move in date.  You will receive current rate information as well as information on recycling.

General Information

Request for utility service must be made in person at the Department’s business office before utility services will be turned on.

Deposit for Service

A deposit in an amount approximately equal to two times the highest month’s bill based on the previous year’s consumption for a year when premises was occupied, shall be required prior to an account being put into a customer’s name, connection to the utility system, and /or receiving service. The deposit requirement for utility service may be waived provided the service account is in the name of the property owner. A property owner who has been granted a waiver for the required deposit may be required to post a deposit if their account appears on the disconnect list more than two times in any twelve-month period. All deposits shall bear interest at the rate established by the State of Minnesota until service is terminated. At the time of termination, the deposit may be applied to the customer’s account for subsequent billing or the deposit will be refunded once all obligations to the utility have been discharged. Deposits are non-transferable from one customer to another and are refundable only to the original applicant or applicant’s designee providing proper identification.

Prompt Payment

Utility Bills are due and payable on or before the due date as indicated on each bill. See reverse side of billing for other pertinent billing information.

Other Fees and Assessments

Other fees and assessments exist for services provided. A full list of other fees and assessments can be obtained at the Utility business office.

Services provided that have a fee or assessment charge will be explained to the customer prior to that service being performed.

Delinquency And Reconnection Charges

Any bill unpaid after the due date shall be considered delinquent and service subject to disconnection in accordance with Department policies. Copies of the current disconnection policy are available at the Utility office. Under certain conditions, payment plans may be established in order to avoid disconnection. Once disconnection for nonpayment occurs, reconnection fees become applicable in accordance with the fees and services schedule in effect. All reconnection fees are payable prior to reconnection of services.

Sales Tax

All applicable sales taxes apply.

Should you require any further information regarding these rates and how they apply to your utility service, please contact our business office.

NSF Check Charges

Current fees will be charged for any check returned for insufficient funds. The bill will then be considered delinquent and subject to disconnection.


Service taken under the rate schedules shall not be resold or used for standby electric service.


Use of electric services that cause disturbances of the electric distribution system and interference with service to other customers is not allowed.

Adherence to Codes and Rules

Wiring, electrical installation, equipment, and plumbing service must be in accordance with applicable codes and the rules of the Virginia Department of Public Utilities and the State of Minnesota. The Utility reserves the right to refuse service to customers not in compliance with this provision.

The Utility is not responsible for inspection on compliance with the various codes and assumes no responsibility for injuries or damage caused by code violations.

Steam, water, gas, and underground electric services are protected by easements. Any obstruction, landscaping, fences, etc., is to be removed and replaced by the customer if repairs are necessary on these services. Details are available by contacting the Department’s business office.

Meter Access

Access must be provided to read and service meters.