Natural Gas

The Utility’s Natural Gas system serves approximately 3,000 residential and Commercial customers.  We expect this number to reach 3,400 by the end of 2021 as our steam conversion project is completed.  Natural Gas is transported by Northern Natural Gas Pipeline Company (NNG) to a border station (location where we take delivery) located on Hwy 7 which has the capacity to receive 8,524 Mcf per day and a smaller border station located on Hwy 37 serving the Midway area with the capacity of 640 Mcf per day.  The Hwy 7 border station was upgraded in 2017 and the Hwy 37 border station was installed in 2018 in conjunction with the Hwy 53 Bridge project.


Statistical Data

Total Border Station Capacity 9,164 Mcf/day
Normal Winter Peak 4,000 Mcf/day
Historical Winter Peak 5,500 Mcf/day