Request for utility service must be made in person at the Department’s business office before utility services will be turned on.

Deposit for Service

A deposit in an amount approximately equal to two times the highest month’s bill based on the previous year’s consumption for a year when premises was occupied, shall be required prior to an account being put into a customer’s name, connection to the utility system, and /or receiving service. The deposit requirement for utility service may be waived provided the service account is in the name of the property owner. A property owner who has been granted a waiver for the required deposit may be required to post a deposit if their account appears on the disconnect list more than two times in any twelve-month period. All deposits shall bear interest at the rate established by the State of Minnesota until service is terminated. At the time of termination, the deposit may be applied to the customer’s account for subsequent billing or the deposit will be refunded once all obligations to the utility have been discharged. Deposits are non-transferable from one customer to another and are refundable only to the original applicant or applicant’s designee providing proper identification.

Prompt Payment

Utility Bills are due and payable on or before the due date as indicated on each bill. See reverse side of billing for other pertinent billing information.